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Welcome to Peachtree Pre-Settlement Funding:
Cash Funding for Personal Injury Victims.

Peachtree Pre-Settlement Funding: FAQs

Does Peachtree offer tort victims assistance financing in my state?

Contact us for further information on the availability of pre-settlement funding in your state.

What information does Peachtree require from my attorney?

We only request information on the facts of your case. We will never request documents or information that is subject to the attorney-client privilege.

What happens if I lose my case?

If your case is lost, you owe nothing.

Is this a loan?

No, it is the sale of a portion of the potential settlement of the lawsuit. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing.

Must a lawsuit be filed in order to get funding?

No, we provide funding on insurance claims.

Will my attorney be required to sign any documents?

Yes, your attorney must acknowledge the agreement and agree to pay the amount due from the settlement to Peachtree.

Are there any up front fees?

No, applying is free. You pay nothing until after the case settles.

Are there any additional fees or costs?

No. Our fees include a competitive, 2.95% monthly compounding fee on the amount funded which will include a one-time $75 document preparation fee. Our total overall fees are capped at only 250% of the amount funded, regardless of the term of the funding.

What if I need more than one cash funding?

Peachtree will further evaluate your case at that time and in most cases will fund additional funds.

Does Peachtree get involved with the handling of my case?

No, you and your attorney retain complete control of the litigation.

Is it ethical for an attorney to refer clients to Peachtree?

It is ethical for attorneys to refer clients to Peachtree in all the states we offer tort victims assistant financing.
Have your attorney contact us for information on the ethics opinion in your state.


Not all deals are eligible in each state and certain limitations apply. Please contact us for further details.